About VGN – Video Games and News


What is VGN?

Video Games And News (VGN) is a revolutionary and innovative aggregator site that syndicates all of the leading video gaming news from around the internet. Since the website’s launch, we have achieved great success for our ability to keep their aggregated content in-line with the latest trends from around the web. Because Video Games And News is hand-picked and because every story is personally vetted by editors, users of the site are guaranteed to only get the most relevant and important news that is currently trending. Currently, VGN has a specific focus on video gaming news and technology related news, although we do include anything which would be considered worthwhile to gamers and tech enthusiasts from all over the world.

With the click of a button, users are able to stay up-to-date on the latest developments without having to navigate through dozens of websites.



How do I send a story that should be featured on the homepage?

Use the Send Tips form on the homepage to send us a news story. Please do not use a url shortner, and paste the original article or source. We aren’t interested in sources that simply ‘re-write’ the news.


What websites do you follow? How do you choose what stories to post?

We determine which articles are  featured by the quality of the content. We also try to track down the original source of the information.  Speed, Quality, and the Source are all factors that we consider. VGN is not managed by some generic computer algorithm – it is not an RSS Feed – we are gamer’s plain & simple. Each article is vetted and read with a human set of gamer’s eyes before it is published. If we feel its a well written article and worth sharing – that is all it takes.

Why are you linking people to other sites?

Google, Yahoo, Bing – they are all directories which simply link you to websites. The VGN news aggregator is the best of all world’s because we are not limited to only showing you information from one website. Each story has been vetted and manually looked over and submitted by a human. It helps us out because you will want to come back and use our site again to be informed, and it works out great for the publishers and journalist who gain more viewers by us directly linking their page. Many news sites simply re-write articles and the original creators often don’t get the credit they deserve. We strive our best to promote the articles that are original and most informative. We also update our links once they are submitted. If we find a source with a better article with more information, we will go in and swap out the links to ensure we are delivering the best content to our readers.


Who owns the site?

My name is Jeremy, but most gamer’s probably know me better as The Red Dragon. I am a Youtube game commentator and news junkie. I’ve always loved reading the headlines and being in ‘the know’ with the latest developments. I’ve always appreciated great aggregation websites like the Huffington Post & Drudge Report. I always wanted to visit a site that was similar, but focused around the gaming industry. I went out searching for such a site, but couldn’t find it. So I decided i’d address the problem head on and created VGN. Now VGN gives me an opportunity to share what i’m reading with the world.

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