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Battlefield 4 Leaked Screenshots Reveal New Vehicle and Weapons

E3 2013 is only a few days away, and Battlefield fans are anxious to get their first peak at a live 64 player map on Battlefield 4. But it turns out, that a few secrets have leaked out before the leadup to E3.  A number of screenshots have been leaked from the BF4 Alpha onto the internet.  The source tells VGN that this is from the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Screenshots

Whether or not the screenshots remain up for a long period of time remains to be seen. So if the images are taken down, let me explain some of the more interesting things to note.

  • The menus look much cleaner with a heavier integration of Origin

  • Listed is a “Bronze Battlepack” – Description reads – Bronze Battlepack contains 3 items, including: - A minimum of 2 standard items – 1 Bonus item with a small likelihood of rewarding an Advanced Item

  • Squads look like it has 5 players now

  • Deployment Screen now shows which vehicles are at the base before you spawn in

  • Back Button appears to take you to a Social Hub (Just like Medal of Honor)
  • Press Y for “Team Setup” (Not sure what this is – maybe you can elect leaders)
  • New Assault Rifle CZ-805

  • New Specialization called “Offensive”
  • Looks like there may be more unlocks for grenades – so possibly different types of grenades
  • Setup screen shows a chart for each weapon that gives a visual graphical representation of Damage / Accuracy / Mobility / Range / Handling / Firemodes / Rate of Fire / Magazine Size
  • New Engineer Weapon CZ – 3A1 – Scorpion Evo

  • New Support Weapon U-100 MK5

  • New Recon Weapon Scout Elite – Can equip a Variable Zoom [14x]

  • One map feature a city line that includes the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai

  • D-Pad indicator on Hud shows your different accessories
  • Commo rose confirmed for consoles

  • Appears to have a sprint function in the water to swim faster
  • Can ride an elevator up to the 40th floor of one building on the map shown

  • New Vehicle – Cougar H – - Heavy armored vehicle that is designed to be resistant to anti-vehicle mines and improvised munitions according to Wikipedia


  • Tank displays ammo (That regenerates) – And indicator displaying how long before your smoke is reactivated

Reaction to new features and further discussion

The Red Dragon - Special thanks to Houdini for helping me compile this list

Stay tuned to VGN – VideoGamesAndNews.com 

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