Could Steam Box hurt Microsoft & Sony?

Could Steam Box hurt Microsoft & Sony?

Valve recently announced their plans to launch a console in 2013 that will directly compete against Sony & Microsoft in the Next-Gen console war. One would think that a new player in the console arena would start off at a big disadvantage, and that probably would be true for most companies. But if any company has the capacity to deal some big punches, its Valve.

For my full analysis, check out the video below.

Steam Box Should Worry Xbox 720 & PS4

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Here is a quick laundry list why the Steam Box could be big.

  • Steam has 50+ Million active accounts.
  • Over 1,800 games available (Presumably, these games would be capable of being played on  the Steam Box. And IF they are, that is a huge launch lineup that no other console has
  • Steam offers DEEP discounts and sales throughout the year. Sometimes sales are offered at a discount BEFORE launch of games. If you can buy the same game on 3 platforms, and get the same experience – wouldn’t you chose the platform that you can get the best deal on?
  • Digital Distribution: You of course don’t have to go to the store and wait in line to pick up a game for steam. I think this could be a selling point for some who don’t care about discs. (I do however believe that Microsoft & Sony will start offering access to digital downloads immediately on the next gen)
  • Steam’s Big Picture mode allows you to play with a Controller OR a Mouse & Keyboard. Players can now choose their favorite way of playing.

Do you think the Steam Box could hurt Microsoft’s Xbox 720 or Sony’s Playstation 4?


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