The Crysis 3 Beta is under way, and if you haven’t tried it out yet then you probably should. It’s available on the Xbox, PS3, and PC and features a pretty cool new mode called Hunter. Hunter Mode is very similar to an infection style game where one side is simply trying to survive (The Cell), while the other side is out to hunt (Hunter).
This video is a guide to Hunter Mode – with some extra tips listed below. Enjoy


Hunting Tips:
As the hunter, your primary weapon is a bow and arrow.
Tip: If you hold down and pull back the bow, you will kill your target with one hit.

You also have access to an explosive arrow. You only have one of these per spawn, so use it wisely. Once it strikes its target, there is a time delay before it detonates. This is a great tool if you see a group of enemies who are sticking close together in a condensed area.

As the hunter, you are very fast and have an invisibility cloak on at all times. Aside from the bow & arrow, you can also melee and assassinate (Melee from behind) your target. You can also use a stomp feature if your in a position to jump down on top of the enemy. For the most part however, you’ll be using the Bow & Arrow and Melee.


Cell Tips:
If you are on the Cell team, your primary objective is to survive as long as possible. There are a few things you can do which will increase your odds of surviving.

1) Run! Run! Run! A target on the move is a lot harder to hit. Also turn corners regularly and try to avoid running in straight lines.

2) Listen to your audio cues. When a hunter is nearby, you will see a bar around your mini-map light up red. You will also hear a warning signal so turn up your speakers.

3) Grab Ammo from Ammo Crates. You are allowed one refill. This ammo pick up gives you extra bullets, but it also gives you 2 grenades.

4) The grenades are not like most grenades in games. These grenades don’t explode and kill the enemy, rather they simply EXPOSE the enemy. So if you are in a tight area with no where to turn and you know an enemy is nearby – throw out the grenade and you will see them and can then kill them.

5) A late strategy that I like to use is setting up a defense. If the round is nearing the end and there are a lot of hunters after you, you may find that its easier to pick a spot that is very easy to defend. (This is where the 2 grenades really come in handy) You also want to choose an area that is either above or below ground because you appear on the enemies radar at all times – but you can buy some time if they aren’t sure where exactly you are.

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