How Much Money are you Losing by Trading In Games?

Are video game trade in offers a ripoff at stores like Bestbuy & Gamestop?

When your in the market for a new title, it is often pretty necessary for most players to go through and downsize their current arsenal of games. Many players will take the easy route and simply go in to their local game shop and take advantage of the “Trade-In” system. It’s quick and convenient, and they rarely say no.

It’s no secret that the game company is going to offer you a lot less for your game than what its worth. But how much is reasonable? And at what point does convenience not become worth the price?

Have you ever stopped to consider how much money the store is making on you?

And further more: How much potential money you are losing by using the trade-in system?

I asked myself this very question and decided to dig a little deeper to expose just how awful this system usually is. The following video is a short piece on what I uncovered.


EXPOSED: How Video Game Trade In Values are a Bad Deal