PC vs Console Gaming – Why I Choose Consoles

We are only days away from the launch of the next-generation of consoles.  As a gamer on both the PC and the consoles, I hear a lot of PC gamers question why in the world people would choose a console over the all powerful PC.   For many, the debate about which console is more powerful is silly considering that neither come close to top of the line rigs that are already out today.  The Xbox One and the PS4 are already coming out of the gate behind on technology.  So while I understand, I may be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to specs.  I hope you indulge me for the next few minutes as I explain why the consoles are so appealing to many gamers like myself.



The Red Dragon

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  • Dakan45

    Smart guy. pc gaming hasn’t been good since Half-Life 2, Doom 3 and the first Far Cry. After that innovative era was over, pc has been doing nothing except for limiting and bringing down console gaming.

    At the PS4 review show, people were allowed some time with Infamous: Second Son and it turns out to be just another reason why console gaming is so much better than pc gaming.

    pc gaming is dead. Even the Call Of Duty Ghosts sales confirm that fact, look at the charts, pc version of Ghosts only had 1% of total sales. Sad… very sad. So much for those ignorant pc eletist fangirls who claim they have more ‘power’. Where are those pc faggots when they say they’ll show? Oh right, they’re comps crash with multiple errors, while games for next-gen consoles have better graphics and gameplay + stability. What drugs are those pc eletists on? Lmao

  • cubs223425

    Simple: My personal setup is that I have my PC and Xbox 360 plugged into my HDTV in my room. I use both from my bed. PC gaming isn’t enjoyable on a bed. That’s the #1 reason why I still never play games on my PC, beyond super-casual stuff like Plants vs. Zombies.

  • cubs223425

    That Ghosts number was the boxed sales in the UK only, so not the best way to determine overall sales health. The vast majority of PC sales are funneled through Steam, I’m sure.

    Also, it’s silly to say that the most-powerful and dynamic gaming solution is what’s holding back console gaming. Static hardware is doing that.