A lot of discussion has recently been made about PS4 & Xbox One games having 1080P Native and 60FPS. The latest rumors hitting the internet are suggesting that a number of Xbox One games may not hit this coveted resolution, and may instead be 720P in some cases. In this video, I discuss the latest controversies surrounding resolution and talk about what this means for the future of the Xbox One console. Does this prove once and for all that the PS4 is more powerful?



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  • Dakan45

    Aghh, you cant go to 1080p 60 fps from 720p 60 fps.


    Now you can go on and one about perfomance increasing over time, but last time i checked we didnt go from 30 fps 720p to 60 fps 1080p in this gen. The main reason why graphics increase over time is because consoles are powerfull and they learn the architecture, this time, they know most of the architecture and the consoles are weak.

  • Jason Mounce

    ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  • Dakan45

    it is a fact, when games came out this gen they were 720p 30 ps, 7-8 year later…NOTHING CHANGED games just struggly to maintain 720p and 30 fps. But getting a thumbs up would have been too much apparnetly

  • Jason Mounce

    ° ͜ʖ ͡

  • Dakan45

    Thats not even “something” mouncy. What i am suppose to get from here? No wait you are trolling, well we know one thing for certain now, mouncy likes to be a huge fucking troll.

  • Jason Mounce


    I gave you a thumbs up. Don’t get upset like a woman in a mid-life crisis.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    Holly fucking hell.
    If the ps4 was running at 1079p, and the xbox one, 1080p,
    The same paid/pro/influenced/call it what you want/ websites, the same who hided the x360 rrod/many other issues/ truth from customers, like gamespot, polygon, ign, Eurogamer,CNN,Forbes,edge,etc, which did and still do praise the hell out of the xbox brand, and never lose an opportunity to slash a ps3 great exclusive game with 7’s and 6’s out of ten, like the polygons 7.5/10 The last of us, if the ps4 was 1079p instead of xbox one 1080p, they would be writing tons of articles, every single day, begging gamers to buy the xbox one, because the ps4 could only do 1079p. There would be tons of articles, stats, charts, graphics, showing how the xbox one is much much more powerful, followed by thousands of articles like ’30 reasons why you should get the xbox one’, or’ 40 reasons why the ps4 will flop and already lost the war’, or ‘our 245 reasons why you should avoid the ps4, and run and buy an xbox one’.

    Everybody would be praising the xbox one, with champagne, forums would be flooded with billions of xbox fanboys, drooling and bragging about how their system is the most powerful, and why they preordered xbox one, to say how amazing it is.

    With a ps4 version of cod ghosts displaying 225% more pixels than the xbox one version, with even bad quality textures on the xbox one, missing shadows, less elements(clouds, etc), lots of aliasing, etc,


    The resolution isn’t important at all. And people, journalists, websites, fans, fall so so low, with their insane, incredible, unbelievable fanboyism, that they even state that a 720p is better and looks better than native pure glorious 1080p.

    Wow, just wow.
    It just scares me, knowing there aren’t no limits for a fanboy,website, journalist, for defending the brand they like. How far can they go? How low can they go? What more are they OK to do, say, for praising and protecting their favourite brand?

    I didn’t know such identities on the human race could exist.calling them idiots, stupids, naives, etc etc doesn’t change absolutely nothing.
    Its frightening. It’s scaring.

    I didn’t know there could be people like that.we saw it with the x360, where people defended it, even knowing they were being deeply fucked in the ass by microsoft. Just like someone who saves money during 5 years, for buying a car, the salesman sells him a model that he is aware of it having a huge problem with the engine, and will stop working 2 months later, but still sells it.
    And 2 months later, the car engine explodes, the buyer learns that problem was global, everybody was having the same issue, and then, instead of being mad at the saleman, the guy, with his broken car, will still defend the brand, and say it’s the best brand and the best car in the world.
    This is what happened with the rrod, on the x360. And the gaming media was the first to hide the truth, not comment, nothing, and kept praising it and begging people to go and buy one.

    The same is happening now. The damage control is everywhere, every time. at full throttle. the same media that protected the x360, just because it is a national brand, is doing the exactly same shit, now. If all the ps4 games were ray traced, at 120fps and 1080p, with the best features possible, and all the xbox one games were running at 480p and 30fps, and cost 1000$, instead of 399$, the same media would still praise the xbox brand, would find 1000 reasons to bash Sony and the ps4, and would still ask people to buy the xbox one.wow, just wow.

    How much do we need to be sadist, to defend a national brand, no matter how, no matter if we’re paying too much, or we,re being fooled with thousands of PR stunts, until the last second before the release day?

  • JustaGuest


  • albatrosMyster

    These are probably american, I don’t see what else could warrant such blind adoration for the MS PR words…

    Anyway, sales are talking for themselves, most people are getting PS4s probably even in the USA, and I have yet to see a PS4 on a store shelve, we are in February now!… and obviously XB1s are readily available all over the place…

    I wonder how many XB1 owners are experiencing buyer remorse because they though they were getting a “premium” experience?

  • CrazyNinjaSloth

    I’m not feeling any remorse with my Xbox One. Pixels aren’t everything. You act like it takes a powerful console to enjoy yourself and play a great game. If you’re so obsessed with graphics and performance, quit your bitching a build a PC for the same price you’d pay for a PS4. It’d be way more powerful, faster, nicer, better in every single way. Don’t tell me what to spend my money on. If I see $500 is fit for me to spend my money on, then so be it? I’m not letting the media talk me into buying a system, that’s just ridiculous. I don’t care who says what, I read the specs on the consoles before I buy them. The only reason the PS4 is putting out 1080p and XB1 is putting out 720p/900p is because playstation has a faster 8GB RAM and a 50% stronger graphics chip. You make it seem like the end of the world that people buy the xbox over the playstation. Hell, from the sounds of your comment, you act like there’s going to be a zombie apocalypse because some people prefer quality over power. Besides, it’s a proven fact that you can’t tell a difference in the quality of the picture. Unless you’re only a few feet away, then you should worry more about your vision than the graphics at that point. So stop your whining and your bitching and move on with your life. People are going to buy what they want, your crying isn’t going to change their minds.

  • Josh Barnhart

    HA! Just had to laugh at your last statement about not being able to notice the difference. I sell TVs for a large retailer and you sound like the old people who come in who can’t tell the difference between a TV playing a Blu-ray movie and a TV on a crappy 720p feed. Sure man, go ahead and believe 720p looks the same. Also, good luck building a quality custom PC for $400 unless you plan on using very outdated parts.

  • Reality

    I know this is an old post, but holy shit do you have it backwards
    EVERYBODY is shitting on the Xbox One for not being able to reach 1080 and is riding PS4s dick.
    Xbox has been getting shitted on ever since last e3, and PS4 has been praised as a system that’s “for the gamers” where are your getting all your info from????
    If Xbox and PS switched spots, people will probably make even more excuses for why 1080p “doesn’t matter” including you. You’re just another delusional fan boy.

  • Johnathon Allen

    I love how last gen , games were being upscaled to 1080p and running native resolutions lower than 720p and no one cared.

  • My PS4 is collecting dust while my Xbox One is used 90% of my gaming time… just sayin’

  • albatrosMyster

    Good for you…

    I am not sure why or that would be unless you willingly buy the inferior versions of multi-platform titles, or for some reason you prefer some of the MS exclusives, for which Sony can’t help you.

  • well, I’ve waited 17 years for a new Killer Instinct game and Microsoft gave me one… I chose a console mainly because of its games, not because I can get 3 more pixels on every boats in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag….

  • albatrosMyster

    Well if killer instinct is your thing, sure, why even bother getting a PS4 … Other than to tell people it gather dust.

    You bought two consoles, 1 for the games you love, one to act as a dust magnet.

  • I bought it for inFamous Second Son and its really one of my favorite new-gen exclusive titles right now. Actually, I will use my PS4 only for exclusives and my XB1 as my ”main” console. (because dont get me wrong, I love both, but for now, I’m sorry, I have no choice to say that the Sony one is collecting dust since I chose to prefer the Microsoft machine 😉 Take care!

  • Bitch Please

    You must be an idiot, you can build a great gaming rig that can handle most games on super high, and kick around the 60 fps. How would I know? I just fucking did it for little under $500. Now go stick your dick in a blender you fucktard.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    is your 500$ pc powerful enough to download all those gigabytes of porn, and to play that video you made of your sister playing with his boyfriend’s joystick, at 1080p 60fps ?

    because for less than 500$, it’s all you can do with your pc, mister “dicks Please”

    damn, you have a level 90 for stupidity, for sure.

  • Wiines 007

    This dude doesn’t have a clue. Half the PC community boycotted Watchdogs because they dropped the specs from 1080 to 900p. He’s obviously an excuse dropping Xbox owner

  • Jeremy Freeman

    IT DOES matter when you shell out nearly 400$ on a console that can’t achieve what every television in America has been doing since back in 2007. There is NO excuse for ANY game to run under 1080p comfortably. On EITHER console. These consoles BARELY look better than games on last gen, a few more details, more pixels, (they say) better framerates, (not always true). This generation is a joke, they put 3 year old hardware, knowing good and well it would be behind. They should have waited till 2015 like ORIGINALLY planned to release both these consoles. That’s what happens with corporate greed, rush rush rush, get that doe, sell those systems. Screw those fans/consumers. I HATE gaming at this point. I still play 360 because it has 100’s of games, and is 20 time more fun. I’ll NEVER buy current gen, unless Uncharted is through the roof cream your pants good. Even then it won’t be right away. Screw Sony, and Microsoft both, shame on you.

  • well, $400 isn’t really that much. That’s what one of my 970’s cost. You’re getting quite a bit of bang for the buck. The games have some extra detail here and there, and some cool new functions (like the kinect, actually gets some use now).

  • vonhellblazer

    Agreed. When sitting on my couch 7 or 8 feet away on a 50″ 1080p TV, I don’t see any difference in resolution, just frame rates. However, when I get my face up close to the screen that’s when I see the difference. People are really full of shit if they say they can tell the difference from 8 feet away. Very few people have eyes that good, if any. The human eye can’t see pixels from that far away, and at that distance they really start to blend. The bigger the gap in resolution the more noticeable it would be however. Yeah, you would notice 800×600 if rendered on a 1080p TV, it would look like garbage.

    I decided to play Mass Effect of my PS3, hooked up to my 1080p TV, and I was afraid that it was going to look like garbage. Sitting from my couch it was a crystal clear image. But when I got up close is when I noticed that the textures started to look blocky.

    I am a PC AND console gamer. I built my PC, bought a PS4, and an Xbox One. I prefer PC gaming if I want to push out 60 fps, but I think console games are better optimized for the hardware. I think it all comes down to experience in the end.

    PCs require more brute force for processing and rendering games, where console games are more fine tuned to their respective hardware thanks to developers. This isn’t always the case, but I find it to be true most of the time. While PS4 and Xbox One are dated in terms of hardware, they are pretty much equivalent to low end gaming PCs with regard to graphical capability. But because the hardware is specific, as opposed to PCs which vary greatly, developers can try to squeeze as much as they can out of the hardware. Many gamers just want something they can play, without having to worry about the rat race that can be PC gaming. So as long as the games I am playing don’t look like a blurry and pixelated mess, I am happy.

    I tend to play all my games at 900p so I can achieve better performance and higher frame rates out of them, since I am only rocking a GTX 960. I play my PC like I do a console, with a controller, and I sit from the couch. If it wasn’t visually acceptable to me I wouldn’t do it. So for me, I don’t notice the difference, but I imagine if I tried to play at 900p on a 4k TV I would.

  • hansraj209

    It’s always an ABSOLUTE waste of money buying the “latest & greatest”, whether it be a GPU or console. The second something newer comes out, watch the price of that GPU drop $50+ instantly. Unless you just have $ to straight up blow, it’s a dumb idea.
    1080p should have been achieved COMFORTABLY, with extra power left over, with these “current gen” consoles. Such is not the case, both consoles are a waste of money. I’m waiting for a modchip solution, by that time the cost of the console will have dropped significantly, and I won’t have to WASTE, yes i said WASTE, $60 on each title that was put together to run on a machine which was built counting every single penny. It’s ok for them to short the customer, why should it not be ok for the customer to download ALL of their games? People talk a lot of shit, but nobody votes with their wallet.